What! Dye-sublimation art on Marijuana devices?

Like it or not, the cannabis industry will be the next boom and we’ve been watching the products and promotional industry jump on the train. State-by-state the the laws and the attitudes are changing. As it stands 28 states have marijuana legal in some form. As time goes on we are expecting more states to follow suit with either medical or recreational uses increasing the likelihood that we will see many marijuana devices for dye-sublimation. 

The number of ganjapreneurs here is California are helping cannabis surpass the wine industry by the next decade. While we have yet to see cannabis mainstream in the promotional product world we do expect the number of sublimation products to increase.

For Photo USA, we are planning to join the rest of the forward thinking companies and embrace this industry. We are not alone in this embrace. A recent survey of  promotional product companies shows the industry poised to sell printed items for both medical and recreational marijuana businesses. See the survey results for yourself below:

As you can tell, the promotional products industry is quietly riding the next wave. We were actually a bit surprised to find that over 70% of companies are accepting orders from medical and recreational marijuana companies. For us this opportunity was not available before but with laws changing we are looking to how we can get into the market.

The opportunity is huge. As it stands now marijuana companies cannot advertise on digital or mass media (print publications, TV, and radio) due to the chance of marketing to minors. With such strict restrictions, promo products are one of the few marketing tools available to marijuana companies. And it’s not surprise that we are seeing more cannabis conferences and trade shows emerging.

Are there budding innovative cannabis related blank and imprint products out yet?
Enter 7th Floor Vapes. We came across this company recently and were pleasantly surprised with what we found. This company, comprising of both in-house out outside artists and bands developed some interesting cannabis based vaping products.

Using a dye-sublimation printer, their R&D department mastered the art of sublimation printing to produce an imprinted vaporizer and pipe. We were pleasantly surprised by how well the products turned out for an industry new to this form of printing but below are the first versions of marijuana devices for dye-sublimation printing.  An unlikely canvas, artists and the cannabis industry are creating a renaissance and new market that will grow to be a multibillion-dollar industry — an estimated $32 billion by 2021.

We are expecting more companies to join. Already, KandyPens, Grenco Science and Pax Labs have joined with artists to release limited-edition versions of vaporizers using the sublimation printing process.

For us, this new innovation has our heads spinning as to how we, a 25 year veteran of the dye-sublimation industry can make some of our own. We believe it’s a fresh way to attract new business segments and the consumer base. Stay tuned. 

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