Top 5 Photo USA Sublimation Products

(And Products You Should Know About That We Don’t Carry)

As a decorator or distributor, you’ve heard all the stories about how great sublimation is and how it can boost your profit margins. Then you did your research and figured out the type of products you want to offer. At Photo USA, we’re a major sublimation products supplier and this Top 5 list consists of products we sell and you might say we’re a bit biased. But being in the business 25 years we kind of know what sells. What’s most important is this: we want to make sure you have great success in this business because Your Success is Our Success. With that being said, at the end of this Top 5 list we’ll suggest some sublimation products that we don’t carry. Just because.  So let’s see if your list matches our TOP 5 SUBLIMATION PRODUCTS.

NUMBER FIVE – 14 oz. Stainless Steel Travel Mug

We all work. Whether you get there by car, bus, train, or bedroom slipper you’re usually holding some sort of beverage container to help get your day started. This morning I had my travel mug filled to the brim with homebrewed columbian. Taking the fifth spot on our list, I use our 14 oz. Stainless Steel Travel Mug. Not because I might be a so-called company man, but rather because this thing works. Besides fitting into my Sequoia’s standard cup holder, it keeps my coffee warm and the liquid safe inside my cup with the spill proof lid. Let’s not forget about the sublimation decoration. We have three varieties of travel mug: White, Silver Stainless Steel, and Silver with White Patch. The choice of mug is up to the customer and the artwork being used. But no matter which one is used they all feature the solid stainless steel construction, comfortable handle, friction lid with easy to access swivel spout, and most importantly, the ORCA Sublimation Coating produces awesome color reproduction on each surface.


NUMBER FOUR – 16” x 11” Tempered Glass Cutting Board

Life sustenance. Food. We all need it, right? And the celebration called food preparation is laborious but the end result is usually delectable. Our TOP PRODUCT NUMBER FOUR can help with the food prep. The popularity of the 16” x 11” Tempered Glass Cutting Board has risen in recent years due to the easy of use, clean up, and most of all, the cool look of a decorated cutting board on the counter. It’s true that knives dull faster on glass because of the hardness of the tempered glass surface, but many home chefs turn to a ceramic knife when cutting on glass. It will still dull but not nearly as fast as a steel knife. But let’s turn to the advantages of the glass cutting board. Our cutting boards come with rubber feet to prevent the cutting board from sliding around on the countertop. When it comes to clean up, bacterial build up is basically nonexistent since cutting on tempered glass produces not cuts to the surface. Simply use dish soap and hot water to wash away the potential of harmful bacteria. Of course, we are proud of the sublimation decoration part of the product. You’ll get vibrant colors popping through the glass bottom that can match any kitchen theme.


NUMBER THREE – 3” Ceramic Round Ornament

Balancing out our Top 5, the TOP PRODUCT NUMBER THREE are made with the holidays in mind. But these flat advertising wunderkinds can be used as general gifts, event giveaways, awards, wedding favors, and more. Our 3” Ceramic Round Ornaments carry an image well from edge to edge. Because they are ORCA coated, the image is vibrant and long lasting. Each ornament comes hole punched at the top and ready to hang with the included gold hanging thread.


NUMBER TWO – 1.5 oz. Ceramic Shot Glass

When it comes to promotional branding with barware, our 1.5 oz. Ceramic Shot Glass is the preferred choice of decorators and comes in at NUMBER TWO. Besides the utility it presents (there are a lot of drink toasts going on here in the U.S.!), there is a multitude of consumer target markets that this shot glass can service. From the wedding and tourism industries to college campuses and night club and drinking establishment markets there is a permanent place for these lightweight advertising marvels. It’s easier to tip one over with the right decoration on the face. In the name of good business, we’ll all toast to that!


NUMBER ONE – 11 oz. Ceramic Mugs

And our NUMBER ONE TOP SUBLIMATION PRODUCT is a no-brainer. Our flagship vessel and singularly the most popular sublimation promotional product, the 11 oz. ceramic mug not only is the standard bearer for the millions of coffee drinkers in the world but when decorated with a brand or photo, this product carries so much utility that one probably holds this thing more on a daily basis than hugging a loved one. Most importantly, the mug will sit on a desk “forever” giving the owner a constant reminder of the brand or image on the front of the mug. Talk about lasting impressions! What makes Photo USA’s 11 oz. ceramic mug the top pick comes down to a couple of things. First, the superior workmanship of the mug means each mug is made consistently from the shape and whiteness of the cylinder and handle and is quality checked to the upmost standards. Lastly, each mug is coated with a patented sublimation formula called ORCA Coatings. When decorated, logos and images are reproduced in vibrant color and sharpness while the mug itself is microwave and dishwasher safe for extended shelf life.

Well, that does it for our TOP 5 SUBLIMATION PRODUCTS. We know these will help with your business no matter what size. But say you want something we don’t carry? Read on to find out about other cool products to add to your line.


Products You Should Know About
We see a lot of products being introduced in the sublimation market and they all have their purpose and niche. By nature, sublimation is more expensive than the pad printed squeeze ball tchotchke. But the big determining factor to using sublimation is having a fully customizable, full-color option on a product that carries real utility. Got a trash can nearby? Those cheapo squeeze balls fill those up fast, while the decorated mug will sit on your desk for years.
Even though we don’t carry the products on the following list, we do recommend considering these top trends in sublimation. Take a look and maybe you’ll find another way of helping your customer out.

Four Winning Trends We Don’t Carry But You Could


That’s right. Gloves for your feet. That’s what I used to call them growing up. From ankle to tube, sublimation socks are a great add-on product. Made from 100% polyester that accepts sublimation imprinting, you’ll get awesome color reproduction on a product that can be used every day – well, maybe throw in a wash cycle in between. Some even feature black heels and toes to help solve production issues like creases and voids. If you’re a DIYer, there are sock jigs available, as well. This is definitely a great product for licensed images, stationery store stock, and souvenir shops.


Back in the days when we skied in waterproofed 501 jeans and leg gaiters, we wore whatever scarf we could find to protect the face. We suffered many chapped lip winters. Well, these guys have something that would have helped us back then. So, if you want to offer an accessory with tons of utility, this sublimation Vapor Gaiter is cool and trending. The Vapor Gaiter has many ways to wear. Made of 100% polyester, these can be used as a headband, scrunchie, ski or motorcycle mask (could have used these back in the day!) and more. Each seamless and breathable Gaiter features Vapor Apparel’s PURE-tech™ moisture-wicking technology. And did we mention you can decorate on it? Logos, patterns or just about any artwork can be transferred onto the material in unlimited options. Recommended!


Sublimation what? I remember being obsessed with patches as a young kid. It started with my not being a boy scout and envying all the cool patches my buddy had sewn all over his neatly pressed blues. I would head out to the flea market and buy embroidered patches from Harley Davidson and Triumph motorcycles to the iconic Smiley Face and military stripes varieties. Well, read on and check these out.

There’s a company called
Ensign Emblem that manufactures sublimation patches. At a fraction of the cost of embroidered patches, you can create full color patches with any text, photo, artwork, or graphic design. The artwork is permanent on these high quality, durable patches. As far as utility, applications range from uniform patches to fashion accessories. This is definitely a winner. Check them out here.


It seems staying fit these days means looking the part is more essential than the actual act of working out. The fitness apparel market is huge and the sports bra plays a large part. Case in point, my wife probably has more than 10 expensive major brand sports bras – one for each type of workout, I guess. Don’t get me wrong – she looks great in them. But, taking the sublimation market by storm, especially in the female product market, the sublimation bra is priced way below any major brand and is fully customizable where you can print on the front and back with any design, text, or image. The fabric is moisture absorbent and is constructed to give a decent amount of support. With the low price point, utility and unlimited decoration options, this product can boost your product line, especially when offering more products to the female market is a priority.


Let Us Help You Sublimate Right
That rounds out our TOP FIVE SUBLIMATION PRODUCTS and our recommendations on products that we feel are great products that could help you offer unique and useable products.

In the sublimation business, we’re here to help you succeed. Whether the product belongs to Photo USA or comes from a partner or competitor, we want to steer you in the right direction. We feel the sublimation industry will only improve if we all work towards better products, technology, and customer service. If you want some good reading on sublimation product pricing, check out the article by
Aaron Montgomery in the April 2017 issue of A&E magazine. Best of luck and we’ll see you at the shows!

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