The Benefits of Pre-Cut Sublimation Paper

We love using our pre-cut sublimation paper when we are printing on mugs, polyester fabrics and textiles. It makes life so much easier but way back in the beginning here at Photo USA corps our printing method was rather archaic. There we all were printing out our mirror images on large rolls, cutting them to size and then placing them on our blank canvasses. Needless to say the process was long and drawn out and we knew we needed a way to cut down on production time, especially if we were planning to scale the business up.

Sublimation paper_photomugs
Enter the pre-cut sublimation paper. Wow, what a difference it makes when you have sublimation paper that is custom cut for small projects. We still use rolls for the larger more labor intensive jobs but when it comes to producing for products as small a mugs we love how the pre-cut paper makes our workflow move much faster.

Easy to use, you can print out the images needed and slap them on to a blank in record time which is great for small projects. We recommend you add 10% -15% more paper just in case you have a mess up or two. And when it comes to producing mass numbers of products we understand how important it is to scale up production.

Without pre-cut paper we found our production time was twice as long because we had to print on large rolls, cut them to size and then apply to the blanks. When we made our Octopus wall wanted to produce something massive in a short period of time. We had 120 tiles we had to make and having to cut those all out was going to be long and arduous which we discovered –lesson learned. You would be surprised how much time is reduced when you there is less time dedicated to using the old scissors.

With the pre-cut sheets you control how much paper you use. We love how green we are becoming towards our environment. When you are using precut sheets you reduce the excess paper that is typically trimmed and thrown away by as much as 50%. And if you have a startup sublimation business or even if you have been in business a long time you know that excess catches up with you.

The benefits are clear when it comes to pre-cut sublimation paper. We recommend it for our friends in the sublimation business no matter what size the project may be because we know is cuts down on production time significantly.

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