Personalized Mugs from Photo USA: Pour Fresh Life Into Your Brand Image

For twenty-five years we’ve been helping brand name companies with high-quality image printed personalized mugs, shot glasses, textiles, phone cases and other promotional products. We’re dedicated to ensuring the best quality in color profiling and the highest standard in fast well produced products.

personalized mugs
They always say if you want to grow your audience give away your best stuff with your brand on it and nothing says best more then a personalized mug. These gift ideas are great for strengthening your brand identity. It can also help you attract the attention of your prospective clients. And that does not stop after the event. Your brand will be etched in their minds days, months or even years after the event, especially if you have given a giveaway that they can use for a long time.

Types of Personalized Mugs from Photo USA

We offer a variety of blank sublimation mugs in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Just take a deeper look at the type of personalized mugs we have:

  • ORCA Mugs: ORCA coating is patented and enhances the quality of images and printing. They come in five variations: ORCA Ceramic Mugs, ORCA Two Tone Mugs, ORCA Inner + Handle Mugs, ORCA Rim + Handle Mugs, and ORCA Latte Mugs.
  • Color Changing Mugs: One of the most amazing products Photo USA is proud of; these mugs change color when you pour any hot liquid in it.  Because of its unique sensitivity, the mug will look plain when cold, and will slowly change its color or design once hot water is poured. How? The original color is printed with a leuco dye that reacts to high temperature. Our color changing mugs come in three different sizes – 11 oz, 17 oz, and 15 oz.; in various colors such as blue, pink, yellow and black; and distinctive materials such as ceramic and glass.
  • Shot Glasses:  Like our color changing mugs, our offered shot glasses come in various sizes – 1.5 and 2 oz.; and materials such glass and ceramic. These are also customizable –  you can add your preferred images, making it a great giveaway to feature your brewing or established business.
  • Metallic Mugs: If you want a mug that will never break, a metallic mug is your best bet! Additionally, these are made like “thermos,” thus, these can lengthen the temperature of the liquid inside. If you are too busy to consume your coffee immediately, get a mug that will let you enjoy its relaxing warmth longer than what a typical mug does. But wait, we’ve added elegance to our personalized mugs – these are not just available in boring metals, we’ve slightly tweaked them – the metallic gold color makes it very royal.
  • Travel Mugs: Customers on the go prefer the travel style among other types of mugs. These are very handy to use particularly during warm spring days while spending more time outdoors. Travel mugs are available in white, featuring both 14 oz and 18 oz sizes. These are made out of stainless steel making them durable to last for years to come.
  • Ceramic Mugs: Tired of the typical glass mug? Here’s an option you must not miss – a ceramic mug! What is nice about this type of mug is its porosity, making it a good thermal insulator. Enjoy the hot mug of coffee while doing your paperwork with a ceramic mug from Photo USA. It comes in different sizes and designs. In fact, we even have a 2-piece lovers mug set that is “spooned” together.

Not sure. Ask us to send you a sample. Its always good to see the quality up close! To get your free sample, contact us here.
We’re proud of our long history in supporting companies both large and small expand their brand identities, give employee appreciation gifts, customer promotional giveaways and more. Our blank sublimation mugs not only give you or your customers the freedom to personalize unique designs and colors, but they are also great for coffee houses, bars, restaurants and any branding idea you can create. Photo USA ships products all over the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Buy blank sublimation mugs in bulk from us and receive huge discounts!  For more details, contact us or comment below.

Photo USA ships products all over the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Buy blank sublimation mugs in bulk from us and receive huge discounts!  For more details, contact us or comment below.

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