How To Sublimate A Mug

Printing custom products from sublimation is something that’s been around for decades. Whether you’re trying to “Make America Great Again” or print favorite grumpy cats we know that imprinting an image on a product like a photo mugs is a great storyteller but we want you to succeed if you’re new to this business.

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The Process Of Sublimating A Mug
If you are pioneering a new business or you’re thinking about starting a sublimation business we recommend that you follow this simple step-by-step guide. If you are new to sublimation and have no idea what you will need then skip this how to sublimate article and go here. Otherwise read on.

Mug selection– chose the right kind of mug that you want to print on. Make sure that your selected coffee or travel mug does not have any kind of scratches or damages. We recommend you take out the coating process and buy ready made blanks. Adding an extra step in our opinion has more value if you plan to create a custom ceramic mug. You can view our products here and we always deliver fast.

Cleaning– Nothing is worse than throwing away mistakes. It can add up and cost you tons. To help reduce costs we recommend that you inspect your mugs before you print. Make sure the mug is clean and does not have any sort of dust particles stuck on them. If there is anything stuck on the mug the surface of the print won’t be as smooth and clear as it should.

Testing – If you plan to make these mugs in bulk we always encourage you to test first. So, make one and carefully look at how well it came out. Check for fading, flaking, smearing or color issues.

Sublimation Coating– For those die-hards who have big plans of creating a fully customized piece or one-off then here is where you coat your ceramic mug. You will need to coat your mug with a special sublimation solution. This coating helps your item lock the print image as a permanent feature. For more information on this please check out our blog on the science of sublimation to understand what the coating is made of.

Drying Process– It is very important that you dry your mug completely after coating it with the solution. If the surface of the mug is sticky there are chances that the print ink might run over.

Print Design– Use a transfer paper and a sublimation printer plus ink combo to print the design you want to replicate on your mug. The paper is specially designed to be used as a transferring medium.

Design Attaching– Once the print is ready you need to attach it to your mug. The design side of the print should be facing the surface of the mug where you want it to be printed. To secure the image in place we use a rubber covering and tightly wrap it over the image. Next we use scotch tape scotch tape to secure. Make sure you have done as tight as possible because printing anything with sublimation need lots of pressure.

Sublimating-To sublimate the design onto the mug you need to place your mug in the heat press and close the steel plates around it. Make sure that the plates when clamped do not touch the mug handle. Press for a couple of minutes to complete the process.

Cooling Process– These puppies are hot! After sublimating the mug, allow it to cool down completely before holding it with your bare hands. This will help the image to be locked and avoid fingerprints on the mug.

Once done assess your first mug and if it was successful the you can iterate as many as you want. And if you need more pre-coated mug blanks then visit our wholesale store.

Now you know how easy it is to sublimate a mug for your loved ones or yourself. Using these quick and simple details to customize your mug will give you results that you never imagined.

America has really enjoyed sharing their stories on ceramic mugs. And we’ve seen some quirky expressions. Sure, they can be a great gift idea, but there is just something fun about quotes, memes, classical art and even political satire slapped onto the side of a mug that really lets your friends know your wit is superior. And with advancements in technology, sublimated items have broadened beyond photo mugs, key chains, photo frames and t-shirts.

Photo Mugs Grumpy cat
Photo mugs are trending because we have had so many technology advancements in the last few years. It’s also simple to acquire and easy to produce. And for anyone interested in taking this up as a hobby or a second business we tip our mugs to you because we know that with a really good idea you can create a great startup printing that idea onto an 11 oz mug.

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